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The Customer Insight people

Do you really know your customers?
Who they are? How and why they buy from you?
Which are the most loyal, most valuable and worth your investment?

Your data tells the full story. We work with you to gain a true 360˚ view of your customers, combining their long-term buying habits, needs and preferences, with an understanding of their current priorities based on their online activity. Our expert knowledge, breakthrough technologies and innovative techniques provide actionable customer insight to drive revenue and profit.

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What We Do

We bring together transactional, geo-demographic and other personal data with real-time online data to give you a complete view of your customers, powering insights that make your marketing more targeted, relevant and profitable.

How We Do It

We do a lot more than crunch data. We get to know your business ambitions and pain points, lending you our expertise and background in understanding consumer behaviour and how to respond to it more effectively… we turn data into insight… we make a difference


Single Customer View +

Tapping into each customer touch point, whether offline or online, to connect all available data to a known customer

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Data Discovery

Creating meaningful insight from the analysis of relevant data to support more profitable segmentation strategies

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Multichannel CRM

Sending the right messages to each customer, whether building the ongoing relationship or responding in real-time

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Loyalty Management

Providing not just a mechanism for a scheme, but advice and ongoing support for an evolving mainstay of the business

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Strategic Consultancy

Analysing and advising on strategy, using data to understand the unique needs, aims and pain points of the business

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Data Quality & Compliance

Ensuring all data is clean, validated and de-duplicated to enable best practice in a secure and compliant environment

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Knowledge Centre

As thought leaders in the customer insight, loyalty and data marketing field, we continuously examine marketplace trends and consumer attitudes, sharing our findings and views via research reports, whitepapers, blogs, guides and media articles

Latest Knowledge

See all the latest knowledge from GI Insight with our whitepapers, guides, and webinars.

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Latest News

Keep up with the latest news, opinions and insight from Andy Wood, Kirk Dobie and the GI Insight blog.

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View our upcoming events, seminars and webinars and secure your place on these interactive sessions.

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